Screen Multifamily deals in minutes with an AI Analyst

Nophin AI assists multifamily acquisition teams with deal screening, investment analysis, and market research, enabling teams to screen more deals 10x faster.

Enhance your workflow; don’t replace it

Create automations using the underwriting models you know and love. Let Nophin AI sync deal data and documents to your models so you can evaluate more deals with accuracy and speed. Engage with your AI-powered analyst for real-time insights on both deal and portfolio levels.

Data sync

How it works

Upload your model and tell Nophin AI where to sync deal analysis and preferred third-party data. Create an automation and streamline your screening and underwriting workflow from your inbox. Build a single source of truth with real-time insights to make smarter investment decisions.

Steps to underwriting deal

Ready to supercharge your team?

Nophin does data extraction
Data insight
and analysis

Engage in real-time conversations with your AI analyst and gain insights.

Nophin Turbocharges Underwriting

Review deals your AI analyst screened based on your custom investment criteria.

Access intelligent insights with Nophin

Task your analyst to extract and analyze rent rolls, T-12s, offer memos, and other reports.

Nophin helps you generate real estate analysis
investment memo

Generate shareable investment memos with detailed financials and market data analysis.

AI-powered Analyst for commercial real estate investors

Speed up your deal screening and diligence process with Nophin AI. Extract, analyze, and effortlessly integrate deal data into your underwriting model. Make informed decisions and stay ahead of the curve.

Underwriting solution for commercial real estate investors

Intelligent underwriting solution for commercial real estate investors

Supercharge your acquisition team and screen more deals 10x faster. Automate your data entries and analysis to close deals faster.